15 Reasons You Should Never Date A Surfer

Keep clicking through the gallery to soak up the eye candy. Let’s hope the sand stays this good for the first event of the season. Always a pleasure working with kingteeth Follow brycemarino. When you get delayed I’d like to say a massive thank you all my sponsors that have continued to support me through this injury. Looking forward to chapter ahead what ever it may hold but It sure does feels nice to be supported by the surfing family! Hard to express in words how much I love this little being jayamoon goinsurfin picture by momma brittneyvalverde.

20 Reasons Dating A Surfer Is Like Winning The Boyfriend Lottery

Spend a lot of time on dating sites or go to nightclubs every evening to find the right partner? For one night or for a few or maybe for life? If you are alone and looking for a partner in life, we advise you to direct your search towards the ocean. If you start a relationship with a surfer, you can be sure that your future travel plans will include lots of surfing. If your companion is a surfer, you do not have to worry about coming across a suspicious type that goes behind you in an alley.

Surfers guys are some of the most beautiful men in the world. Whether it’s been his modeling contracts, his dating of models, or simply his icey blue eyes.

Add content to this section using the sidebar. Wave Tribe. Published by Wave Tribe. Dating this day and age can be pretty much daunting, even with all the technology available to help you find the right person. Valentine to shove it. And women get the brunt of the societal pressure. Well, ahem, here at Wave Tribe, my bros and I believe that for the most part, most single persons are looking at the wrong place to look for a date.

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This blog is inspired by a recent post I wrote about how it sucks to date someone who surfs Click here to read there is a bit of a list of reasons that all prove to be accurate accounts for many girls or guys in the same boat but I thought it may be worth mentioning some of the positives too. There are probably just as many good attributes as there are bad to being in a relationship with someone who’s addicted to surfing. So here is a list to help you see the bright side if I previously put you off this subgroup of the human race.

Dating a surfer is pretty fun I have to admit. Seeing the sun come up at least once or twice a week will probably make you a happier person and maybe more lenient to forgive him for annoying you the night before. This time of the morning when you would otherwise be sleeping is perfect for sitting seaside reading a book or taking a walk along the beach while he surfs.

Essay- BOGOTÁ — A few months back I decided to carry out a little experiment on male conduct on Tinder. That’s the dating website that allows.

Disclaimer: This is meant to be some sort of a humorous manifesto of dating a surfer. These are only a few of the lessons learned and heard over the course of 15 years and should be taken with a grain of salt. Do you want to come and watch me surf? He wants you to take pictures of him surfing. Fun fact: The waves are typically better in the morning with the calm winds. Naturally, surfers want to get out in the water as early as possible to beat the crowds and get some glassy waves before the waves get all textured from the wind.

Why It Sucks To Date A Surfer

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Steve Addington is the world’s preeminent surfer – cool, laid back, stoned, shirtless and barefoot, living off endorsements for surfboards and trunks, paid in cash. In Malibu his endorsement contract has been bought by Eddie Zarno, a surfer turned businessman who wants Steve to record his moves for an electronic virtual reality game.

Imagine my joy when I discovered that the guy I was into surfs and is always keen to take me to the beach And then leave me there and disappear for 3 hours.

Living the life of a human being can be quite hard. Sure, some people unwillingly achieve being alone all their life. Others choose to do so on purpose e. I, however, failed in doing so and fell for the charm of several women. Not all of them had to date me as a surfer, though. Everything is fine, the poor butterflies still smash against the abdominal wall trying to escape, and right now there is nothing more beautiful than dating this particular surfer.

Until the very moment when the surfer has to choose between a good surf or spending time with the dear woman. You want to take your surfer babe for a nice, romantic walk along the beach.

Ever Wonder What Happened to TMZ’s Blonde Surfer Guy?

Almost all year round the waves attract a number of sporty, spontaneous dudes that I’m sure you can agree, are easy on the eyes. The male surfer is a beautifully crafted human. Their sun kissed skin, salty, unbleached hair and ear to ear grins have probably caught your attention at some point. These guys always seem to be happy – probably due to that constant flow of adrenaline pumping through their veins from that daily thrill of riding beautiful, blue waves.

15 Reasons to Date a Surfer · 1. Surfers seek adventure. · 2. You’ll get to hang out at the beach with your love–often. · 3. Surfers fall and get back.

About 3 months ago from Anja van der Spuy’s Twitter. PSA: Don’t eat a Smint with your mask on because your minty breath will burn your eyes and you will die. South Africans hey :’ pic. Growing up, I spent almost every weekend on the West Coast in Yzerfontein. I absolutely love the ocean and a great chunk of my childhood was spent either swimming in the deathly cold waters of the West Coast, building sand castles, catching klipvissies or as I grew older — tanning and reading on the beach.

I am a summer baby through and through. There is no place I am happier than by the ocean. Imagine my joy when I discovered that the guy I was into surfs and is always keen to take me to the beach…And then leave me there and disappear for 3 hours. We are completely different people, in completely different stages of our lives.

But the one thing we will always have in common is our incredible love for the ocean. So grateful to have someone who is always keen for a trip to the beach, even if it means always getting teased to death about looking like a Labrador when I swim. When I first heard that JP surfs, I pictured him on a shortboard.

Actual arguments break out in the water over waves. When they are not looking at swell charts, they are phoning friends about the swell or looking at webcams of swell.

You Want To Date A Surfer?

As every surfer knows, riding waves is more than just a sport. It is a lifestyle and a primal way of connecting with yourself and the whole. Fast and daunting in the presence of a big swell, rhythmic, and satisfying when the conditions are just right, slow, and quiet when the water is still. Even if they often lack the eloquent words to express themselves, surfers write and draw their bodies on the face of the waves.

Generally speaking, you should consider yourself lucky to have a lover of waves and boards in your life.

Looking for Guys? Browse the profile previews below to find your perfect date. Start flirting and setup a meet up later tonight. We have lots of other members.

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For some, it’s a way to play the field. Others use Tinder to find the love of their life. My motivation for opening an account was that my former boyfriend was cheating on me. What I needed, I decided, was to pick up some casual partners the way I might pick up a few items at the drugstore. But contrary to popular belief, I discovered that the people you find on Tinder aren’t libertines in search of super-open, polyamorous relationships. Instead, they’re regular people who are just into online dating.

10 Ultimate Reasons To Date A Surfer

Surfing is a great escape from the stresses of daily life. Anyone who surfs is many things but stressed. There is also something quite intriguing about surfers. Read on and find out what common characteristics to expect from surfers. So, if you’re thinking of dating someone who happens to be a surfer, or if you are looking for a surfer to date, consider these nine things that you need to know before you ride that romance wave.

The body of a surfer is usually that of a top athlete male or female. So, a surfer has tight everything. Who is not attracted to that? K views.

We have! If the surf is on and they have to stay with you for some reason family lunch, food shopping etc.. Originally posted by collegepsychexperiment. If the surf is no good they are still grumpy and the same as above occurs – not a joke. They will constantly drag you along to watch them surf – often early in the morning when all you want to do is sleep. The struggle is real…. They can spend hours driving up and down the coast to find good waves. Get your girl a gift that will make her happy, boost her confidence and make her look super hot, in other words, get her a Brazilian bikini!

For more inspiration, head on over to our website www. How good was it! They will also get sick from surfing too much ear infection, sinus infection, insolation etc.. Yep, this is what your life will look like if you marry a surfer – PC: www. Originally posted by itsapitchbitch. Here are some of the key truths and things to be aware of, that we think are most important: 1.


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